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ORANGE -ST camera strap with shoulder pad

Durable strap with shoulder pad and ring fittings.Soft leather shoulder pad makes difference..

high durable leather,poly-poly strap,steel

Size and weight

40 grams-net
95 cm ,105 cm , 115 cm,125 cm

Model for ordering;

End fittings; ring or ring with leather camera lug protector
example: ORANGE-ST-95-B -- 95 cm ,ring fitting
example: ORANGE-ST-115-C -- 115 cm ,ring fitting with camera lug protector "ear"

Matching and combination

This strap has similar color and stitching technique with COALFIRE wallet. COALFIRE wallet can be a good companion
for you to store your SD cards and credit cards and some money.You can see COALFIRE by clicking here.